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Travel Mexico Auto Insurance
Mexico Auto Insurance

Arizona Insurance Specialists, LLC offers you the option to purchase auto insurance for Mexico directly online or by calling in to our team of licensed professionals who can assist you over the phone. We offer policies on a daily basis or in six month or annual terms.
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Travel Medical Insurance

Are you a student studying abroad? Executive traveling overseas on work assignments? Traveler/Tourist who is seeking medical coverage, including evacuation, while outside the USA? Family traveling on sabbatical and/or Missionary traveling to provide foreign aid?

Domestic Major Medical policies provide a very limited amount of coverage while you are traveling outside the USA. Most Domestic policies define the international coverage as “emergency only” or “life threatening” coverage for conditions while you are outside the USA. This means that many conditions are not covered under your base plan while you are outside the USA. For instance if you were to have a broken bone, influenza, food poisoning, infection, or other common accidents or sicknesses chances are that your domestic policy will not cover you.

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