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Group Medical Insurance
Our specialists provide cost-effective health insurance solutions for employers to help you meet the challenge of providing the right benefit package for your employees with practically any employer’s budget!
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Voluntary Employee Benefits
Supplemental insurance creates a win-win situation for both employers and employees. It helps employers expand their employee benefits program and keep up with the rising cost of medical insurance. It gives employees the flexibility they want in their benefits.
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Commercial Insurance
As a business owner, you need a reliable insurance company to work as hard as you do to help you protect your business. Whether you need to insure your small or mid-size business, we can make it easy to get you the commercial plan that fits your company’s needs best! Please submit your information online today and we will contact you regarding your quote.

Overhead Expense Insurance
As a business owner with a company to run, you know how difficult it is to get away for even one day- let alone three months or longer! What happens if you become disabled? Would the business be able to continue paying the bills if you weren’t working?
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Disability Buy Sell Insurance
You and your partners depend on each other to keep the business running smoothly. What would happen if one of you were injured and could never return to work? How long could the business afford to pay a non-contributing owner? And, would that owner still be involved in business decisions? Would you have the money to buy out your partner and would that put the business in financial jeopardy?
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